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Individual Access
Teen Suicide Prevention Online Course
Individual Access to Course for one year. Only $49.99.
  • On Demand Suicide Prevention and Intervention Training
  • ​Use in the classroom or training with school staff, teens, coaches, parents, and more 
  • ​This course takes the clinical and makes it non-clinical so you can truly understand Teen Mental Health & Teen Suicide from an expert that addresses teens, families, counselors, and suicide everyday
  • Jeff's Theory on Teen Suicide and Teen Mental Health - You need to know this
  • ​Why teens are isolating and it's not just the pandemic
  • ​Why teens aren't communicating and how you can get them to open up
  • ​How to ask the suicide question, but before you do, know this ONE important factor to address
  • ​Learn how to intervene and communicate with your student(s)
  • ​Learn compassionate listening and how to engage your student(s)
  • ​Learn the Two Most Important Questions you need to answer
  • ​You don't need to be a mental health professional to intervene and save a student(s) life
  • ​Teens don't want to die - what do they want?
  • ​Understanding the basis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • ​Teaching Behavioral Activation
  • ​Concerns with today's youth
  • ​Self-Harming Behaviors and what it means when a teen is engaging in self-harm - Why it's a good thing and you shouldn't react
  • ​What is Mental Health Challenge and what is a Mental Health Crisis
  • ​Social Media, Devices, and the impact on our Youth
  • ​Understand why Suicide is rarely the cause of one thing
  • ​Teen depression today - What it looks like
  • ​How to tell teen depression apart from everyday life - The General Rule
  • ​The 5 Elements of Wellness for Teens
  • ​And so much more . . . 
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